SHARP for education

Strong Young minds is committed to creating a whole school approach to young people’s wellbeing, resilience and mental health.


We work directly with schools, colleges and universities to develop an approach that is tailored to individual needs on a local level, yet aligned to national and strategic outcomes proven to increase resilience across the physical environment and produce a simple yet effective action framework for leaders to focus upon key areas of development and improvement.




Creative, personal, evidence based and innovative…


Before developing a holistic approach, we spend quality time understanding the different perspectives of young people and those who work with them. Our ultimate goal is to create an environment where young people feel confident to say ‘I’m not ok’ as early as possible and to have approachable and well-informed people around them.


We don’t assume to know what young people want or need. This is a key element of providing services and solutions for young people that connects them to taking ownership for their own wellbeing. Rather than prescribing generic solutions, Strong Young Minds are a partner to help identify gaps in current support and build upon previous success.


We use facilitators trained in Experience-Based Co-Design (EBCD) as a central process within our approach. (link to EBCD area of site with videos and explanation?). Using an early intervention model, we cross reference what is on offer with what young people want. We identify opportunities to co-produce innovative solutions



Evidence based


We support leadership teams to translate evidence into action. By complimenting the current governance and structures in place, Strong Young Minds provide help and guidance in a way that’s easy to understand for increasing knowledge and enhancing data to generating sustainable, meaningful outcomes for students and staff.


We stay with you into the future, returning to review, adapt and continuously improve using unique feedback from young people as the main indicator of success.



We asked young people to tell us how SHARP can help them more in education. Watch our video to see what they said…





Not just more of the same


We do not believe that the answer to every situation is to step a referral up to statutory services. This unsustainable model should be a last resort for education. Self-Management is our goal. The SYM approach ensures there is a focus on lifelong resilience through the development of personal readiness.



Our goal is a sustainable, personalised and positive approach to self-managing resilience.