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Strong, Healthy and Resilient People (SHARP) is run by the Strong Young Minds charity. This website is full of resources, videos, links and help for young people, students, adults and teachers so go explore - Don't forget to use the drop down menu to find the information you need quickly browse our videos and resources

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SHARP helps young people cope better with life and all the things that can get in the way. We run special workshops, group sessions and campaigns to support when life gets tough or you just need some tools to help you cope better

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Wellbeing can mean different things to many people, so it's important that you decide what it means to you. SHARP helps you understand wellbeing and resilience with our helpful guides - including videos about the things in life that students and young people have told us affects them most so feel free to click any of the videos below form SHARP or ones we've found that we like!

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SHARP for Education

SHARP For Education

Strong Young minds is committed to creating a whole school approach to young people’s wellbeing, resilience and mental health.

We work directly with schools, colleges and universities to develop an approach that is tailored to individual needs on a local level, yet aligned to national and strategic outcomes proven to increase resilience across the physical environment and produce a simple yet effective action framework for leaders to focus upon key areas of development and improvement.

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