About Us

SHARP and Strong Young Minds


The SHARP programme is brought to you by Strong Young Minds. We are a grass-roots charity and our purpose is to put young people at the front of everything we do and let them be our voice.


We work with young people in educational settings to promote positive mental health by providing a range of high quality, evidence-based preventative activities known to reduce escalation.


In particular, we promote and provide resilience training. Resilience training has been proven to be one of the most cost-effective interventions to improve mental health and increase productivity when delivered face to face.




Focusing upon direct delivery of interventions, workshops and supporting young people, Strong Young Minds is able to flex scalability dependent upon demand for services. Our Chief Officer, trustees and volunteers work together by engaging stakeholders, other organisations and beneficiaries to address the most relevant issues in young person’s wellbeing, avoid duplication of services and address gaps.


Strong Young Minds is working with schools and colleges to self-audit and benchmark themselves against an independent set of standards that have been tailored to meet the specialist needs of young people. This will help to identify what organisations have in place and what gaps there may be in providing the best wellbeing provision.