Brand new resilience sessions for 2020

The SHARP programme is bringing some brand new resilience sessions to Cardinal Newman students – all delivered online.



Due to Covid-19, we’ve had to change the way we work with students, and following the College’s move to online learning via Microsoft Teams, we’ve moved our support online too.

Based upon the ethos and theory behind the GR8 programme, the sessions have been created to address the issues that students have told us they are struggling with the most during this difficult time.

These sessions will be a safe space for the students to talk about how they might be feeling and learn some helpful techniques.

Two sets of 30 minute sessions have been arranged so far. The first of the sessions, will focus on low mood, and the second session will focus on anxiety and panic attacks.

During the sessions, students will learn some helpful techniques to help them to build their resilience and be able to better handle tough times in the future.

We’ve also created a new resource area to support these sessions where students can access some take-away tips that they can use to continue to practice the techniques in their own time.


These sessions are just one source of support, and although we’ll be arranging more, there’s lots of other support and advice available. If you’re looking for help, or more information about building your resilience, why not also try some of the links below:


The Mix

Young Minds



The Prince’s Trust


You can also watch our series of videos on our YouTube channel where students give their advice on how to cope with difficult times, including coping with stress. Here’s one about thing you can do to improve your overall sense of wellbeing