The GR8 Programme

Gr8 is a coaching and therapy programme that focuses upon unlocking your potential and strengths written by a trained and accredited coach and psychotherapist.


This process used in this unique training programme really gets to the root cause of what is getting in the way for people and how they can improve their own wellbeing through resilience.


Many young people are uncertain which path to take, or they may be finding it challenging to work out their life’s purpose – Taking a different approach and thinking differently through GR8 and talking in a safe group has been proven to be hugely positive.


We call this deep form of coaching ‘person -centred’, because we believe that every person holds the key to their own solutions.

GR8 has been successfully used all over the world and for many different types of organisations. It started life in the NHS, supporting people to live with long term health conditions, but has since been used in the United States of America working with organisations such as British Aerospace and even back in the UK with the Royal Household.


The success of GR8 has grown to now work regularly with recovery groups, helping people deal with drug and alcohol issues, it has also worked successfully in the emergency services too.


Strong Young Minds decided to tailor and deliver the GR8 Programme to young people and adults in schools, colleges, universities and communities with support of charity funding to make sure as many people as possible can benefit at no cost.


GR8 can be tailored for education or individuals and there are five steps which ideally are delivered a week apart to allow reflective space. Each step has a structured set of exercises designed to:


  • Raise self-awareness
  • Identify strengths
  • Set goals
  • Establish positive & resilient thinking skills.


These can be done in a group of up to 10 or as part of 1 to 1 sessions. Everybody who comes to a GR8 sessions receives their own manual to follow the course, create reflective writing as they go and learn more from thought provoking quotes and pictures.


This means that even after you leave a session, you have tools to take away with you to help you remember everything you’ve learned and how you can apply these tips and tricks when you need them.