SHARP for schools

SHARP is a specifically designed program of work for education and has proven to work most effectively across schools, colleges and universities.

Our GR8 model has been specifically adapted for schools and we are constantly tailoring the model to serve groups of any size and to work within the timescales most applicable to schools.


After working directly with staff and young people, SHARP understands the two main factors when trying to engage young people in schools:


  1. Young people want instant information that is easy to understand and can be applied to what is happening to them in their lives right now. Any activities and group work, must be straight to the point and relatable to the demands of modern life.
  2. Schools are seeing an increased challenge to support young people with extra-curricular activities that can be applied during school hours. There must be a direct and relatable link to any work with students that can be evidenced to both increase their wellbeing, but also support or enhance their educational learning.

SHARP work with young people in schools for a variety of reasons such as one to one or group work to hep build resilience or in preparation for exams or college.


Our support can also be given to assist students who are recognised as both talented or would benefit from additional resilience training.

Listen to students telling us about their move from high school into college