SHARP project

The SHARP project comes to you from the charity Strong Young Minds


SHARP stands for Strong Healthy And Resilient People and the project has been funded by the National Lottery. It will run over the next three years in partnership with Cardinal Newman College in Preston and partner schools in Lancashire.


Over the next three years, we will…






We want to change the conversation about student mental health and encourage young people to take ownership of it as an issue, to speak up, speak out and challenge the stigma.


To make sure we are providing the right support, at the right times, we have to ask the right questions to understand what students need. To do this, we have to listen to them and involve them in how we develop and design our work and we plan to do that every step of the way.

Growing the SHARP project – Partner schools


We wont’ stop there though and we’re excited and proud to be exceeding our targets already with demand for our work far exceeding anything we could have dreamed of when we first started!


We want to grow the SHARP program through working with more partner schools. We can help you in raising awareness through staff CPD presentations or meetings, school assembly sessions or even our unique training model for teachers so that you can deliver GR8 ‘Snapshot Sessions’ in school yourselves.

A whole school approach

We are currently developing a ‘whole school approach’ for improving wellbeing within education. This will include working with senior educational leaders and their teams to find new ways to make the most of research, evidence and practical ways to deliver world class wellbeing throughout educational environments whether that be school, college or University.


These will include SHARP workshops, toolkits and direct support in self assessment or peer support to benchmark your current wellbeing provision and this will be facilitated by Strong Young Minds staff.


This work has been carefully considered and is based on widespread consultation with leading academics and professionals in the field. It provides a clear structure that organisations can use to develop strategies and plans to embed wellbeing into daily business and we’ll make it all available online