Take away resilience tips

Life is full of ups and downs. Our resilience sessions and GR8 programme help students to build their resilience to help them cope with the times that are more difficult – whatever they may be.


These down times can be referred to as a ‘slump’ and it’s important that we acknowledge that, and we are aware of when we might be going into a slump…
Take a look at the infographic below then scroll down to have a look through our take away tips.




Take away tip #1


The next time you feel a low mood coming on,  jot down what was happening before it. What time of day was it ? Where were you ? Who else was there?

Take away tip #2


Remember – low moods are normal. Everyone has them from time to time… it’s part of life.

Take away tip #3


Work out what positive thoughts help you to move on from a low mood and start to practice them when you are feeling ok. This helps us form new habits that soon become normal.

Take away tip #4


Just noticing when we are entering a low mood is a big positive. Being present and becoming aware of how we are thinking, feeling and responding helps us prepare for the next time.

A bonus take away


Try to find five minutes and head over to the BeSharp YouTube channel and watch our series of short videos where students explain how they cope with tough times and what they do to make themselves feel better, like this one below:


And finally…


There’s lots of other support and advice available so if you’re looking for help, or more information about building your resilience, why not also try some of the links below:


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